Course material

Descriptions of the yoga

In the end of the first semester a wrote a 10 page document summarizing what we had learned during that semester's weekly course. This document can be found here. A more complete description of the same things, also including nice illustrations etc, can be found in the book "Yoga, tantra, and meditation", by Swami Janakananda. This book can be purchased here. Note also that the blog has an entire section about yoga and yoga material.

Other yoga equipment

One of the hallmarks of yoga is that you do not need another person, or any particular equipment to perform it, but that it is something which you can do independently of anybody and anything external to yourself. However, it is a good idea to dress in relaxed and loose clothes, so that you can move around freely. Similarly, it is good to have a soft yet stable mattress under you. For 20 years I myself just double folded my sleeping duvet (cover/quilt) and put that directly on the floor, and that worked fine. The yoga mattresses that I now use for teaching were acquired at Another thing that is part of the yoga cleancing system is a neti pot. This is used to clean your nose, and it is good both for keeping colds, headaches and allergy at bay, but also to facilitate certain breathing exercises (where you, e.g. breath through one nostril at a time). Such neti pots can be found at Finally, for those of you entering into the more advanced energy meditations, taught in the summer retreats, you will also need a mala. Those should contain 108 pearls, and have markings that you can change according to the meditation. They can be bought in most india-like shops, and also at At you can also acquire a CD with the meditation Yoga Nidra, which is a good meditation to do alone, and to start learning what meditation is all about.

Tips for doing yoga at home

One of the most important things apart from learning the yoga processes properly is to start doing yoga at home. It is only then that you will make yoga your own, and it is only then that you will experience how yoga can really transform your everyday life, so that you always can be in great shape whenever you so desire. One of the things that I can never teach you is which yoga exercises that fits your particular mode. This you will have to experiment with yourself. However, I can give the following tips: