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A similar retreat as last year's will probably be arranged also 2013

Summer retreat in Sundsvall, Sweden, August 12-21, 2012

In this longer course you will have a completely different chance to really go deeper with your yoga, on many levels. We will, e.g., get further with the physical exercises (asanas), and the breathing exercises (pranayamas). This is the case not only because we will do more of them, and many days in a row, but also because several of the other things that happens during the course will contribute in other ways to making your body more flexible (daily schedule is outlined here). One such other thing is Shankaprakshalana, which is a one-day clensing of your intestinal systems. Another such thing is the healthy food. Most importantly, however, these courses will allow you to go deeper in your meditation, which relaxes your body, breath, and mind in some fundamentally new ways compared to what you may have learned in the weekly and shorter weekend courses. In some of these meditations (little Kriya yoga, and Ajapa Japa) you will get the tools to really raise and get to know your own energy, so that "Kundalini energy" and "chakras" no longer remain theories, but very concrete experiences. In another of these new meditations (Antar Mouna, or Inner Silence) you will also learn to detach yourself from layer after layer of your mind, so that you get a new sense of freedom with respect to outer and inner "disturbances", which ultimately leads to a completely form-free resting in pure being. Finally, as a complement and further strengthening of these meditation aspects, it is another important part of the course that you will every day work with the cooking and handling of your own organic food, and that the evenings usually will be devoted to song and dance (typically variations of contact improvisation). All of these things come together into a 10-day process, where each component complements all the others, and where all things are planned to prepare for each others (Note: it is therefore a requirement that all participants take part in all events). In short, a 10-day retreat goes deeper, but is also in many ways something completely different, compared to a weekly evening-course. Finally, if you are curious, but want to test out a smaller version first, you could try out our weekend courses. In a similar way, these 10 days courses are a preparation to the one month courses that will be given starting with the Summer of 2013.

What: Intensive retreat: yoga, meditation and contact improvisation
For whom: All levels (but prior experience helps a lot)
When: August 12-21, 2012. 12th is only arrival and welcome day, and 21th is only teaching until 12.00
Price:2500-5000 SEK (you decide what you can pay; if you feel really poor, you could go down even further)
Price includes: 10 days of yoga teaching, full accomodation, three meals a day (and fruit available inbetween)
Where: ├ůsen, outside in the country side outside of Sundsvall, Sweden (accomodation in the green house to the right, teaching in a nearby school building)
Number of participants: max 6
Typical schedule: See here
Sign-up: By sending an email to, and following the payment-instructions in the reply-email. Please comment if you have some physical or psychological illness
Language: The courses will be held in English, Swedish or a mixture of both, depending on the participants' wishes.