Gunnar Cedersund

I have been doing yoga since I was ten years old. The first five years I did it alone from the book: Yoga, tantra, and medititation, by S Janakanda. Then I devoted some years to go to intensive courses in Håå, in Småland, Sweden, where I learned the more advanced techniques from the same tradition, including several initiations to the full Kriya Kundalini Yoga practice, which is taught in a 4 weeks intensive course involving 3 weeks of silence. After that I also lived for a few years in Copenhagen, in their yoga ashram together with a group of yoga teachers. The most important part of my training has, however, been to deepen my understanding of these techniques by integrating them for over 20 years into my daily practice, i.e., by learning how to apply them as tools in my everyday life involving a successful carreer and many side-engagements. I personally think that a modern day yoga teacher should have learned himself how to make use of his practices to live a full, deep, and successful life, also with ordinary measures - since this is what his students want to achieve. Therefore, even though I am convinced that I will be teaching as my main occupation in the end of my life, I have up until now worked with my own practice and conventional carreer, and only taught smaller groups in informal/non-official settings. This year (2011) therefore marks the start of a new phase in my yoga life: where I work as a more open yoga teacher, and where my courses are announced officially.

Apart from teaching yoga, I am also a Ph.D. and scientific group leader in systems biology, a concert pianist, (just retired) chairman of the local salsa association, and a generally very active and engaged citizen. A recent interview covering these other aspects of my life can be found here (page 12-15), and as you see also on this homepage, is also at the centre of other kinds of events: TED-watching evenings, contact improvisation, my piano concerts, my upcoming poetry publications, etc. etc.